About Dr. Pat Gibson

For over 33 years, Dr. Pat Gibson has been successfully coaching and caring for her patients by combining an authentic and personalized comprehensive approach to mind, body and spirit. She realized early in her career that in order for people to truly find their way to heal and live authentically, all three areas of wellness must be considered.

Most of us tend to excel in one area of our lives, while ignoring or minimizing other areas that we are uncomfortable with or don’t have as much success in. This leads to an imbalance either, physically or emotionally, and limits the true success and joy we are all capable of.

Dr. Gibson has a strong, natural propensity for teaching others how to create balance. She developed this through her own personal experience as well as working with clients for decades.

Prior to receiving her doctorate degree, Dr. Pat earned a teaching degree as well as a degree in athletic training at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Pat felt that she was led to teach, and after graduating she landed a full time teaching job and developed an athletic training program at a local high school. However, Pat truly understood the direction she wanted to take when she found she had a passion for both teaching and health care. Despite being happy and successful, Dr. Pat still felt there was more she had to give and through a number of circumstances she was led to take a risk and enroll in chiropractic school. Graduating in 1986, Dr. Pat developed a highly successful practice where she is still passionately serving patients everyday.

Listening to that small whisper inside of her, Dr. Pat knew there was still more to do. Pat then developed Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops to help her clients get away from their daily lives and focus more deeply on how to find the missing pieces within them, as well as the steps needed to bring them to complete fruition. At the workshops her attendees inspired her to write a book, which became an Amazon #1 bestseller “Living in Your Sweet Spot”. This practical guide was written to help an even broader number of people create an authentic life balance.

Dr. Gibson’s true gift is the ability to meet her clients at whatever level they are now. She then assists them to shift through the confusion and noise to uncover what is keeping them from their ultimate health and their true hearts desire.

After performing a comprehensive personal history and health assessment Dr. Pat collaborates with her clients to develop a plan to quickly bring them into balance. This balance brings with it more happiness, productivity and creativity along with health and wellness for an overall comprehensive approach.