Living in Your Sweet Spot-A Practical Guide to Your Authentic Life

By Dr. Pat Gibson

“Living in Your Sweet Spot” is designed to help guide you to understand what you do and don’t do that brings you closer or further away from your authentic self. It is about what you do to protect, avoid, delay, deny, or excuse not living your life to its fullest potential. This informative book provides practical solutions and considerations to assist you to break through blocks and live your authentic life.

Fate is what your handed but you are the person who determines your destiny. Each choice you make will determine the direction your life will take and what will inevitably be your destiny. It may be a simple choice or one that requires tremendous courage but being in charge of that choice makes you the active creator of your own destiny and this book is designed to help you with that.

Using personal narratives gained from her clients’ success stories and her own, Dr. Pat Gibson’s “Living in Your Sweet Spot” offers the exercises, tools, and knowledge to achieve your authentic self and live the life you deserve.

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