Comprehensive Wellness For Life: Testimonials


I have experienced more personal growth and healing in my work with Pat Gibson than with any other therapy or self-help method that I have tried. Pat’s intuition and skill has helped me become a stronger, more confident person. Working with Pat has been tremendously healing and therapeutic. I recommend her often.

Debbie, 64 ~ Retired Law Clerk

Approaching every session with kindness and empathy, Pat continues to help me identify and release patterns of behavior that no longer serve me well. Her guidance has been invaluable, and I am thrilled with the long lasting and life changing results I have achieved.

Amanda, 52

Working with Pat has had a profound effect on my well-being. Each session is effective and efficient. Pat Uses certain techniques along with her unique intuition and wisdom to help me understand what I am feeling. At the end of the session, I feel lighter and happier. My relationships have improved. I am more confident, and I can set boundaries. I always look forward to our session. Bottom line-Pat is amazing!

Julie, 63 ~ Retired Engineer

Working with Dr. Gibson has improved my ability to navigate opportunities and challenges in both my personal and business life. Each time we meet, I develop a deeper understanding of myself and my view of the world around me. Working with Dr. Gibson has positively impacted my life, helped me to manage stress and anxiety and significantly contributes to my personal growth.

Alex, 28 ~ CEO

Working with Pat I have grown and evolved through what feels like lifetimes. I am now living a happy and more meaningful and fulfilled life than I believed was possible. I have been active in my own growth for close to twenty years and there is truly nothing like working with Pat. Her work will empower you in your life to change in wonderful ways you did not know were possible. My business, my friendship and my romantic life are thriving as am I.

William, 30 ~ CEO

My work with Dr. Gibson has allowed me to live the beautiful life I want. Over the years I have worked with coaches, mentors, therapists healers etc. and by far my work with Dr. Gibson has delivered faster, more effective, and positively sustainable results. When I reached out to her, I was sabotaging my marriage, my family and my business. I was on the brink of losing it all. Since then, I have owned 2-multimillion-dollar companies, bought a farm and my family is thriving. I couldn’t be happier and certainly couldn’t recommend anyone else as strongly as I recommend Dr. Gibson.

Victoria, 52 ~ Entrepreneur

Working with Pat has been the best time and money I have spent. It’s not always easy but every session I break through and Pat always shows up with compassion and makes sure we get done what we need to for that day. Pat has fundamentally changed my life for the better and I recommend Pat to everyone I know. She is my favorite health care provider and she brings a holistic approach to everything she does. I would not be the person I am today without our work.

Alec, 30 ~ Mental Healthcare

I’ve worked with Dr. Pat for over ten years and her care for me has been life changing. Using her techniques and natural talent she helps me to identify the root of the issues I am having, understand the why and release the “energy” behind it. I find that I leave each session with a “life lesson” that I easily and succesfully apply in my daily life. I find when I incorporate these concepts I easily change behaviors, let go of anxiety and move past my previous blocks.

Amy, 43 ~ IT Specialist